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Alfa Romeo Arna

The Alfa Romeo Arna was a subcompact automobile produced by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo between 1984 and 1986.

Launched at the 1983 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo Arna was a product of a short-lived partnership between Alfa Romeo and Japanese manufacturer Nissan; the car's name was an acronym meaning Alfa Romeo Nissan Autoveicoli. The Alfa Romeo Arna was essentially a twin of the N12 series Nissan Pulsar (also known as the Cherry Europe in Europe and the Pulsar Milano in Japan), but featured Alfa Romeo engines carried over from the Alfa Romeo Alfasud, as well as an Alfa transmission and front suspension. It did however use an independent rear suspension from Nissan, and was the first Alfa Romeo to have this feature. The body panels of the car were constructed in Japan by Nissan, then shipped to the then-new Alfa factory in Pratola Serra, near Naples, for assembly.

The Alfa Romeo Arna was however not an economic success, and production ceased after only four years. The gap in the Alfa range was effectively filled by the slightly larger Alfa Romeo 33, which had been launched at the same time as the Alfa Romeo Arna.


1.2 L (1186 cc) Boxer-4 (63 bhp)

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