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Cadillac Escalade EXT

The Escalade EXT, a bold new addition to Cadillac's lineup in the 2002 model year, entered uncharted territory for GM's luxury division. A sport utility truck, with elements of a luxury SUV and pickup truck, the Escalade EXT offers commanding looks and a powerful engine.

For 2003, Escalade EXT adds numerous features, including new safety features, a rear- seat entertainment system, interior instrument panel upgrades and modified seats.

"The Escalade EXT is perhaps the ultimate expression of Cadillac's breakthrough design and technology," said Susan Docherty, Escalade marketing director. "It is exposing Cadillac to new generations and new categories of buyers who might not have considered a Cadillac vehicle, and is helping us reinvigorate the brand."

Smarter electrical systems

A new driver information center monitors and reports on up to 30 system functions - more than any vehicle in its class. The instrument panel and cluster - redesigned to accommodate these new features - provides more crucial operating data than any competitor. An available eight-button steering wheel control allows owners to personalize several functions and safely access new infotainment systems.

The 2003 Escalade EXT offers new entertainment systems, including a Panasonic DVD Entertainment System, XM Satellite Radio and a highly refined, premium Bose sound system with superb imaging, stage and spectral response.

Available XM Satellite Radio features 100 coast-to-coast digital channels, including 71 music channels (more than 30 of them commercial-free) from hip-hop to opera, classical to country, bluegrass to blues, and 29 channels of sports, talk, children's and entertainment programming. XM also brings to the car, for the first time on radio, a diverse selection of 24-hour news sources previously available only in the home. XM's next-generation sound quality technology provides superior sound, remarkably close to that of a compact disc.

The optional rear-seat entertainment system includes a DVD player with flip-down screen for rear-seat passenger viewing, wireless headphones and a remote control. The state-of-the-art, factory-installed system includes a 7-inch liquid-crystal display, with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio (screen format), capable of playing studio-quality audio/video in both CD-audio and DVD formats. The DVD player can play all discs manufactured for wide- or standard-screen formats, as well as CD audio discs. It also provides three other sets of auxiliary video and audio inputs for video game systems like the Microsoft Xbox, a camcorder or other types of external equipment.

New safety features

The dual-stage air-bag system is a supplemental restraint system designed to detect vehicle deceleration and, based on the deceleration data, provide an appropriate amount of air-bag inflation. The dual-level air-bag system senses the severity of a crash and determines whether to deploy the air bag with the primary or "lower" amount of inflation or with primary and secondary "higher" amount of inflation. Sensors located in the front of the vehicle work with the sensing diagnostic module (SDM) to measure the severity of the impact. The SDM uses the data to make a determination on the type of air-bag deployment (first stage or second stage) or non-deploy. Dual-stage air bags are designed to help reduce the occurrence of inflation-induced injuries by deploying the air bag less forcefully in lower-speed crashes.

Escalade EXT now has supplemental brake assist, in accordance with federal requirements, a center seat shoulder belt in the second row and a child restraint anchor system to make installing child seats easier and safer. The Escalade EXT also features improved brake performance and pedal feel, and quieter operation. The brake and accelerator pedals now have a power-adjustable feature.

The vehicle features an upgraded StabiliTrak system and new Borg-Warner one-speed full-time open-differential transfer case. The new system's four-channel electronic brake control replaces previous three-channel hydraulic brake control for ABS/traction and two-channel control for yaw stability. Instead of independent braking applying only to the front wheels, with the new four-channel system any of the four wheels can be independently controlled. The system provides more stable, controlled ABS stops, improved fuel economy, reliability and serviceability and greater yaw stability control. The primary benefits are reduced understeer and proper brake pressure for traction and yaw stability control at all times.

New standard power exterior rearview mirrors feature power tilt glass/power folding, heat, left-side electrochromic glass, puddle lights, turn-signal indicators in the glass and a memory feature. They include a "curb" feature, which reverse-tilts them down to allow a driver to see the distance to a curb or the lines on a parking spot.

New standard high-intensity-discharge (HID) headlamps enhance safety and styling. The reflector optics headlamp system creates a white light, which approximates daylight and illuminates road surfaces better than conventional halogen or incandescent systems. Using a ballast, initiator, arc tube and reflector, HID generates more light per watt, using less electrical energy, and runs cooler than conventional systems.

More cabin comforts

Upgraded interior

The center console that flows up into the IP has a new, seamlessly integrated, single-piece design for improved fit and finish. A new covered storage compartment with a "push-push" lid has been added to the left of the clock. The rear of the console has a new LCD temperature display and larger control head for the independent, rear-seat ECC control. All seats feature a simpler, cleaner, European-style appearance, including new leather trim and more sculpted contours.


New exterior colors

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