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Cadillac Seville SLS

The 2004 model year is one of transition for Seville. In May 2003, Cadillac discontinues the STS model to make way for the all-new Sigma-architecture based 2005 STS performance sedan, which begins production in summer 2004.

As a result, the only Seville for the 2004 model year will be the SLS, which will be unchanged from the 2003 version and also will end production in December 2003. In addition, Cadillac will retire the Seville nameplate after the SLS ends production.

The Seville build-out strategy lays the foundation for a seamless launch of the all-new STS, and is a key component of Cadillac's overall strategy to re-establish its luxury and performance credentials.

"We've discontinued the STS for two primary reasons consistent with market demand," said Susan Docherty, Seville marketing manager. "First, when a product nears the end of its lifecycle, consumers tend to buy the lower-priced entry for the best value. The SLS is the best choice for those consumers. Second, our dealers asked us to simplify the model choices and available packages to help them clear inventories before the 2005 STS arrives."

The 2005 STS will be built at the Lansing Grand River Assembly in Lansing, Mich., and will continue as the global performance luxury flagship at Cadillac and GM. It will offer Magnetic Ride Control and a number of other technologically advanced features.

2004 SLS design and technology

The SLS has long been designed to appeal to confident, savvy, discriminating buyers who have a strong appreciation for leading-edge technology and control, and seek an invigorating driving experience in a sophisticated package.

Seville history

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