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Citroen DS5

Building on 90 years of innovation, the Citroën brand has extended its product offer and developed a new line to stand alongside its main range: the DS line. Today comprising the Citroën DS3 and DS4, the DS line targets customers looking for radical and assertive cars and seeking a resolutely modern approach to premium products.

The Citroën DS5, set for launch in late 2011, is a new phase in the development of the DS line. The innovative and visionary model fits perfectly with the brand's "Créative Technologie" baseline and features even bolder choices in style, architecture, sensations and refinement. The Citroën DS5 experience is about fully embracing the pleasure of driving an outstanding vehicle. A singular creation, the Citroën DS5 surprises and appeals with:

its styling: boasting an audacious body and inspired style, the DS5 is an aerodynamic sculpture that expresses the finest in Citroën expertise. It features authentic materials including club leather and aluminium, together with unique upholstery such as the "watchstrap" seats that embody the finest in French-style luxury. Extraordinary, bewitching and attractive, the Citroën DS5 appeals, naturally.

The DS line, comprising the DS3, DS4 and DS5, is produced in France and sold internationally. The Citroën DS5 will be launched in Russia, Latin America and China in 2012.


Innovative and visionary, the Citroën DS5 openly states its difference. It is an object of pleasure, an emotional vehicle that stirs the imagination, transforming each trip into a unique journey.

An aerodynamic sculpture

The Citroën DS5 had a bold source of inspiration: the C-SportLounge concept car. The objective for the Marque was to go even further with the real production vehicle.

The Citroën DS5 surprises. By its style, by its singular proportions and by its instantly recognisable silhouette. The one-in-a-million body looks like a shooting break possessed by the spirit of a Gran Turismo.

A unique creation, the Citroën DS5 is an aerodynamic sculpture made of now flowing now taut lines, promising the onlooker an amazing drive.

The front end instantly identifies the Citroën DS5 as a member of the DS family with an oversized air intake, a wide, chrome-plated grille housing the chevrons, and an incisive gaze underscored by the LED light signature.

The Citroën DS5 fully expresses its personality in profile. The body exudes vitality and the promise of a well-appointed interior. The sculpted sides catch the eye and create a play of shadow and light. The light is reflected by a slender chrome sabre running from the tip of the headlamp to the front windows. The sabre, cast in one piece, signs the exterior styling of the Citroën DS5. The shadow of the flanks is cradled in the recessed curves of the rear wing, a distinctive characteristic of DS line vehicles.

The rear view further underlines the rank of the Citroën DS5 on the road. The car sits squarely on wide tracks, underlined by twin exhaust pipes built into the rear bumper and highlighted by a rear signature of six light guides.

The design approach of the Citroën DS5 combines these good looks with aerodynamic efficiency. The side air intakes on the bumper visually widen the front end while channelling the air flow around the wheels. The one-piece polycarbonate quarter-light features built-in aerodynamic deflectors. The result is an extremely aerodynamic design, with a Cx of just 0.29 and an SCx of 0.69 m2.

Powerfully bewitching with its sharp gaze, amazingly attractive with its refined detailing, and definitively extraordinary with its daring silhouette, the Citroën DS5 appeals, naturally.

Elegance down to the last detail

The body is cloaked in an alternation of chrome-finished details (side strips, double tail pipe, sabre) and gloss blacks (front and rear bumper strips, window weather strips), together with generously sized diamond-effect alloy wheels (from 16 to 19 inches) whose design expresses movement.

The Citroën DS5 is available in eight body colours, and the chrome work also comes in a smoked version called "Dark Chrome".

Charismatic cabin

Charisma and appeal are in abundance inside. The Citroën DS5 expresses its singularity with a uniquely styled cabin, inspired by the world of aviation and fully delivering on the promise of the exterior styling.

The cockpit roof is the most symbolic feature. A new interpretation of the sunroof adapted to the Citroën DS5 universe, the cockpit roof is divided into three wells of light (0.58 m2 of glazed area), each one of which can be covered individually, and creates an original light signature day and night.

The driver-focused driving position combines the posture of a coupé with the style of a Gran Turismo. Highlights include a wraparound dashboard, vertical steering wheel with a broad wheel centre, driver-oriented information, and a wide central console with a small gear stick positioned in the natural continuation of the driver's forearm.

The main controls are grouped in the centre of the vehicle in two central consoles, one positioned lower down and one on the ceiling, equipped with buttons, thumb wheels and special toggles, to be handled with a pilot's touch. A feast for the imagination.

The Citroën DS5 also benefits from Citroën's finest expertise in quality and refinement. It boasts authentic, premium materials such as finest-grain club leather and aluminium touches, some with a rubbed finish. The seat upholstery - including "Sportlounge", combining vitality with refinement, and "Watchstrap", a true signature of the DS line - is unique on the market. The specially designed central console uses multiplex technology that offers considerable stylistic liberty. Citroën expertise is visible in the great care paid to each detail.


Motorists increasingly are looking for cars that are easy to use day to day while fully delivering on driving pleasure. The architecture of the Citroën DS5 was designed to reconcile fun at the wheel with comfort, and aesthetics with practicality.

Compact and roomy

The Citroën DS5 is an outstanding car with an intelligent design that transcends the usual compromises between driving pleasure and shared well-being. This daring challenge was met with out-and-out success.

At 4.53 m long (25 cm shorter than a Citroën C5 saloon), 1.85 m wide and 1.51 m high, the DS5 is sleek and compact. This compact design brings two advantages: more agility and responsiveness but also improved fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Cabin lighting plays a key role in the Citroën DS5 onboard experience. The LED-based interior lighting gradually lights up the cabin. The driver simply pushes the hands-free start-up button to bring the cabin to life. The transparent colour head-up display is deployed to display essential driving information, the three digital pads and instrument cluster needle spring into life. The ambient lighting creates a display of intermittent reds and whites around the driving position: red for the "radio" and "navigation" zones and the door-opening controls, and white for the cockpit console, air conditioning and hybrid thumb wheel… You're already on the road.

A velvet-smooth atmosphere

The amazing experience on board the Citroën DS5 is also a result of the velvet-smooth atmosphere, with cushioned, dull sounds. Acoustic treatment on the DS5 is similar to that of other recent Citroëns, with excellent insulation from exterior noise, filtered road noise and suppressed wind noise.

To achieve this result, soundproofing and sound absorption applied as close as possible to the sources of the noise. Each part of the Citroën DS5 was acoustically treated:

The body and opening panels (stiffness, polycarbonate rear quarter-light, laminated side windows, reinforced structure of windscreen pillars).

Together with comfort equipment, including dual-zone automatic air conditioning with three air flow levels (soft, medium, intense), the Citroën DS5 is available with a comprehensive range of audio and telematics equipment to enhance travelling comfort:

The USB and Jack connection are built in to the central armrest, for connecting mobile devices unobtrusively. The mobile device is then controlled using the audio system controls. The Citroën DS5 is also available with a 12V socket located behind the central console.

The Citroën DS5 is available with a range of accessories for enhancing car travel:

A 230 V/USB socket is available on all trim levels for charging laptops, musical devices, cameras and mobile phones.

The Citroën DS5 features the very best in technology to provide an easy and relaxed drive combined with satisfying at-the-wheel sensations.

Technology for driving

For stable and efficient road manners, the Citroën DS5 is fitted with electronic brakeforce distribution, emergency brake assist and ABS, as well as a new Citroën innovation, intelligent traction control, combined with ESP for optimum vehicle control in the most delicate driving situations..

The DS5 is also equipped as standard with the Citroën eTouch service to remain connected in all circumstances. eTouch is a secure and free system available 24/7 using a built-in SIM card, notably including localised emergency and assistance calls (depending on country) to get the emergency services to the car as quickly as possible in the event of an incident or accident. Citroën eTouch features two additional services via the web: a virtual maintenance manual, for alerts on mechanical or safety incidents and information on upcoming servicing, and an eco-driving service, for monitoring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

In true Citroën spirit, the DS5 is a concentrate of simply obvious technologies. It was designed with useful and intuitive innovation in mind to make driving easier. Together with tried and tested technologies such as hill-start assist, an electric parking brake, parking assist and a programmable speed limiter-cruise control, the Citroën DS5 is fitted with:

automatic high-beam lamps. A miniature camera built into the interior door mirror processes the images received to manage the automatic high beam lights, switching them on and off as necessary, in line with ambient lighting and traffic conditions, for stress-free driving at night.

The Citroën DS5 provides all-new driving sensations with a unique at-the-wheel experience combining dynamic handling and ride comfort:

The springing and damping settings provide a perfect "read" of the road while remaining easy to control. The dynamically tuned Citroën DS5 gives occupants the impression of being glued to the road while bringing passengers a feeling of safety in all circumstances.

The third model of the DS line will be available on launch with two Euro V diesel engines equipped with particulate filters: the e-HDi 110 Airdream (EGS6), with new-generation Stop&Start micro-hybrid technology reducing CO2 emissions by up to 15%, and the HDi 160 (6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic), boasting remarkable performance for a pleasant and safe drive.

The Citroën DS5 is also powered by two turbocharged petrol powerplants with direct injection, both of them Euro V compliant and developed with BMW: the THP 155 (6-speed auto) and the THP 200 (6-speed manual). The THP 200 offers a remarkable drive with power of 147 kW and maximum torque of 275 Nm at 1,770 rpm.

The first Citroën with Hybrid4 technology

The DS5 is the first Citroën fitted with full-hybrid Hybrid4 technology combining the on-road performance of an HDi diesel and the efficiency of electric power. The system provides heady driving pleasure - with 200 bhp, four drive wheels, electric mode in cities, accelerator boost - along with extra low CO2 emissions, at just 99 g/km.

The originality of the Hybrid4 system lies in a blend of several technologies:

a 2.0 HDi 160 DPFS internal-combustion engine,

"Auto" is the default setting. To optimise fuel consumption it automatically handles switches between the fuel engine and the electric motor.

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