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Fiat Aegea

A global model for a global brand: Fiat presents its new Compact Sedan, designed in Italy at the FCA Style Centre, developed in Turkey together with Tofaş R&D and manufactured in the Bursa plant to be sold in over 40 countries of the EMEA area. Hence the name of the project - Fiat Ægea - which pays tribute to Turkey which has always played a strategic role for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and represents a symbolic bridge between East and West.

For its début, the brand has chosen the 2015 Istanbul Motor Show, thus reiterating the importance the Turkish market holds within FCA strategies and sealing the equal share joint venture first begun in 1968 between what was then the Fiat Group and Koç Holding.

It stands to reason that FCA should assign a primary role to this model with which it aims to increase its presence in the EMEA region, as well as reinforcing its unrivalled leadership in the Compact Sedan segment in Turkey, thanks to its excellent interior roominess and load capacity, a very complete range and a style that allows no compromises.

The new Fiat model comes into the world as a unique combination of comfort, efficiency and technology. With the added touch of the exclusive Italian design that delivers a quality project with the proportions of a pure and powerful sedan.

The car will be produced in Turkey in the TofaÅŸ plant in Bursa - one of the best industrial automotive sites in the world as proven by the awarding of the Gold Medal according to the assessment of World Class Manufacturing - and sold at first in Turkey, from next November, and then gradually in the other countries of the EMEA region.

Italian style

Designed in Italy at the FCA Style Centre and developed together with Tofaş R&D, one of FCA's largest research and development centres, the Fiat Ægea project was conceived from the outset as a completely new three volume sedan, created by a team of over 2000 people, who worked on the project during its three year development period.

Often Sedan vehicles are a spin off of the hatchback with a third volume added, which can lead to overall shapes that are not always coherent. The new Fiat car, on the other hand, was "Born to be a Sedan" and therefore features a design project that integrates the various sections by means of natural flowing lines which create a real, uncompromised, vigorous compact sedan.

Seen from the side, a distinctive line runs from the headlights to the rear light clusters and the glazing creates a dynamic appearance conferring an idea of airiness and ample access spaces for driver and passengers. Exclusive Italian style is finely expressed in the rear where the harmoniously proportioned third box hosts bright light cluster surrounds. The front end is characterised by a captivatingly shapely bonnet with central ribbing stretching up to the roof to create a continuous line. Similarly, the grille is a single element with the light clusters. Intercalated chrome-effect accents which form an original, unmistakable graphic pattern on which the Fiat logo is proudly sported.

Top in class liveability and load capacity

A perfect marriage of beauty and function, the new Fiat Ægea project knowingly brings together great load capacity and compact dimensions of a sedan 4 and half metres long, 178 centimetres wide and 148 cm high with a wheelbase of 264 cm that heightens its excellent interior space. All this is confirmed by the very appreciable size of the passenger compartment, large enough to seat 5 well built passengers comfortably with a load capacity of over 510 litres.

Reliable and fuel-efficient engines

The new Fiat car offers a wide range of power units, all reliable, high performing and economical in terms of fuel consumption and emissions - two Multijet II turbodiesel engines and two petrol ones, with manual or automatic transmission - with power ratings of between 95 and 120 HP. It is also worth noting that the diesel engines are particularly fuel-efficient: less than 4 litres of diesel fuel for 100 km, comparable to that of a city car like Fiat Panda.

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