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Lamborghini Jalpa

The Lamborghini Jalpa is a two-seat, Targa-style coupe that went into production in 1982 and was terminated in 1988 by its then new owner, Chrysler. Considered the runt of the litter along side its stable mates, the Countach and the LM002 super-truck, the Jalpa never got the attention it deserved. Selling a total of 419 units, Jalpa was still Lamborghini's highest-selling V-8 to date, and persists today as a highly desirable collector's car. Not nearly as powerful or popular as its V-12 brothers, the 3.5-liter V-8 in the Lamborghini Jalpa produces 255 hp at 7,000 rpm, 231 ft-lb torque at 3500 rpm, a top speed 155 mph, and 0-60 mph in 7.3 sec.

With engineering quality near or exceeding that of the larger models, the Lamborghini Jalpa held its combustion and timing specs better due to a chain-driven timing system rather than belts. With well-placed instruments and sturdier engine components including a five-speed synchromesh, the third-generation "Baby Lambo" required less frequent maintenance and was easier to drive in traffic than its higher-spirited V-12 siblings.

Paint fit for a masterpiece, the Lamborghini Jalpa came in seven shades: white, silver, black, metallic blue, red, gun metal and metallic gold. The muscular Bertone lines of Jalpa's steel body, an offshoot of the Silhouette, are as equally stunning as those of the Lamborghini Countach, with a V-8 exhaust note as thrilling as any V-12. Flirtations with a full convertible design in 1982 were abandoned in deference to the more exotic targa roofline.

The bonded aluminum and carbon fiber Lamborghini P140 V-10, introduced in 1995, was considered to be the successor to the Jalpa. Keep in mind that owning a Lamborghini Jalpa to save the expense of buying a new Lambo might rapidly lose its meaning, considering the cost of maintenance and searching for scarce replacement parts. No, you would buy this piece of automotive history, sparing no expense, to preserve and enjoy such a rare Italian beauty.

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