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Mitsubishi Colt Diesel

Sold in Asia and in Europe, Mitsubishi Colt is the brainchild of Mitsubishi Design Europe, under the direction of Akinori Nakanishi.

Himself the design father of one the most successful Japanese designs of the last 20 years: the sleek and pebble-shaped 1991 Colt / Mirage Mk IV, he won the design competition with his team, over their colleagues in Japan.

Mitsubishi Design Europe´s contribution did not end with the original shape. The Trebur-based studio near Frankfurt also created the European version, based on the acclaimed 2001 CZ2 concept, another of their achievements, as well as a full new interior (dashboard, seats, color & trim), in line with European tastes and demands.


Identified by its front end, Mitsubishi Colt sports the Brand´s visual identity created by Olivier Boulay, MMC´s Head of Design: "Central focal point is our Three Diamond logo. It is a very well known and very respected trademark and we wanted to stage it. This triangular graphic layout is dictated by the logo itself, as you can see in the first modern Mitsubishis, in the early 60´s. It is a very honest shape and it calls for the dihedron between the grilles, for a "reflective" diamond effect."

He adds: "We have also decided to extend it onto the hood with a spine that creates visual motion, a 'must' for a sporty Brand like ours."

All new, this front end is the main design difference with the Japanese market Colt and was directly inspired by the 2001 CZ2 concept car that Olivier Boulay created for the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, after he arrived at Mitsubishi Motors Design. More expressive, it was grafted on the original project to great effect, bringing the finishing touch to a clean-cut and sporty design.


Without any single panel in common, Mitsubishi Colt and CZ2 share the same design vocabulary though, all with crispness and attitude in mind. Hence:

the same front end,

With its 0.32 Cd, Mitsubishi Colt is a shape in motion, as shown through:

the spine, extending the front dihedron from the grille into the hood,

Good taste

Mitsubishi Design Europe was also asked to create an all new interior for the European version of Mitsubishi Colt.

This was a most unusual move, as such translation is generally limited to colors & trims, but deemed needed to create the right image in Europe and meet the needs and demands of local customers.

Gone were the light beige fabrics, the wood accents and the front bench seats (CVT in Japan) of the Japanese-market Colt, in favor of darker tones and translucent materials. Bucket seats for better driving support in a European driving environment were also dictated by the choice of either a manual gearbox or an AMT for Europe. In this case, the short gear lever is firmly planted on the floor as suited for a driver´s car.

Mitsubishi Design Europe designers created a feeling of understated elegance, using new materials and textures never seen before in the industry, such as:

Translucent parts: extensively used for concept cars or computers, they have never been used for a production car. They are used here for the audio and climate controls (round knobs) as well as for an unusual "tower" connecting dashboard and center console. Back lit, as the other controls, it creates a soothing environment at night.

Customers will also discover a high level of perceived quality, a notch above segment standards, through the use of high grade materials, or soft-touch paint on trim. A car of quality, Mitsubishi Colt will offer a fully trimmed interior as well, with no visible body colorred part to cheapen it.

Four different interior ambiances will be available, such as the "elegant sport" warm red trim with grey translucent piping used as the launch interior harmony, in conjunction with CZ2´s "Illusion Blue" light blue-grey exterior. Leather will be available as an option (availability according to market).


The maturity found in Mitsubishi Colt Design and its dynamic promise will be translated and delivered through the drive, as seen with the other new Mitsubishi Motors products: Grandis, Outlander or Lancer Station Wagon Sport. From their excellent car-like driving position, Mitsubishi Colt drivers will enjoy the high level of active safety this drivers´car can offer:

Electronic Power Steering

Mitsubishi Colt is equipped with one of the sharpest Electronic Power Steering available on the market (standard equipment). A fully electric system, it offers several benefits over more traditional solutions:

Lower fuel consumption (2.5% less than hydraulic power steering).

They will appreciate the discs / drums brake set-up (rear discs on 1.5), allowing for an excellent 38m stopping distance under the severe Auto Motor und Sport testing protocol. ABS and EBD will come as standard equipment, with ABS fitted with an all -new state of the art active wheel speed sensor.

Furthermore, the Mitsubishi Active Stability Control System or " MASC" is available as an option. In this case, ABS, EBD and Traction Control (TCL) are also included in the system.

Using yaw-rate & lateral acceleration, steering angle and wheel speed sensors ( Information from brake pedal switch, parking brake lever switch and brake fluid reservoir switch are also send to Electronic Control Unit), MASC actively enhances vehicle stability:

Through interventions in the braking system or the engine management.

Traction Control operates then as follows:

Fast interventions in engine management and brakes prevent the driven wheels from spinning (also effective at hill climbing on low friction surface.)

Furthermore, the standard sporty-tuned suspension (independent + coil springs + stabilizer bar at the front / torsion beam axle + coil springs at the rear) combined with a long wheelbase (2500 mm) and wide tracks (1,460 mm front / 1,445 mm rear), will provide them with excellent stability and cornering abilities, as well as a firmly comfortable ride.

In details, these proven solutions have been finely tuned on some of the most demanding European roads:

At the front:

Infiniti G37 Sedan