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The Nissan 350Z is a coupé and roadster built by Nissan Motor Company. It was introduced in August 2002 and is the fifth generation of Nissan's Z-car line, carrying the chassis designation Z33.

The first concept model was produced for the Detroit Motor Show for the following January then later at the Los Angeles Auto Expo. Nissan was however unhappy with the first design as they felt the car was considered too "retro" or too "backward" resembling a futuristic 240Z thus a redesign was underway. The redesigned model, now known as the Z Concept, which was similar in bodyshape but with a redesigned front end was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show two years after the first. The car then undergone a minor redesign and was assigned the VQ35DE engine, hence the car became known as the 350Z.

Released on 20 August 2002, the 2003 350Z was available in the US in 5 trim packages, including the Base, Enthusiast, Performance, Touring, and Track Editions. Pricing started in the US$26k range for a Base, and went beyond US$34k for the Track model. Nissan's performance and motorsport division, Nismo, began producing performance and aesthetic upgrades for the 350Z shortly after its release.

In the UK & Europe two versions of the 350Z were available from October 2003, namely the Base and GT packs. The GT pack had leather seats, uprated Bose Stereo system and cruise control over the Base model. Pricing in the UK was set at GB£24k for the Base model and GB£26.5k for the GT pack. After about a year of the 350z being released in the UK, the NISMO kit became an optional extra for new cars only. Another limitation of the UK&Euro releases was the choice of colours being limited to the renamed Gunmetal, Kuro, Chilli, Blade & Sunset.

In 2004, Nissan introduced the 350Z Roadster version. The roadster came in 2 trim packages, the Enthusiast and Touring editions. Again, in the UK & Europe, this was limited to a Base and GT pack choice, with the addition of the Aero Seats.

In 2005, Nissan added the 35th Anniversary edition. The 2005 35th Anniversary edition (6-speed manual only; the automatic was limited to 287 hp) and 2005 Track trims both produce 300 hp (224 kW) - exactly twice the output of the original 1969 Datsun 240Z. In addition, the 35th Anniversary edition came with special options such as metallic yellow/orange paint and 5-spoke wheels. The 35th Anniversary 350Z also included revised pistons and camshaft profiles, and a new type of control to the variable valve timing. These changes lead to an increase in the engine's power, and a subsequent increase of redline to 6400 rpm instead of 6200rpm. Although there were increases in horsepower, the changes lead to a decrease in overall torque in the vehicle.

Nissan also added the Grand Touring trim to the Roadster trim packages for 2005. Since the anniversary edition, all 6-speed models are now the 300 hp/260 ft·lbf. output version.

Technical specifications

Engine: 3.5 L VQ35DE V6 engine


300 hp (223 kW) / 260 ft·lbf (352 N·m) 35th Anniversary 6-speed manual, 2005 Track Edition and all 2006 models with 6-speed manual transmission

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